Renklere Göre Taşlar

Diamond White Our 3C effected diamond is in the diamond color grade of around D to H. Typically we produce a clarity of IF (internally flawless) although VVS(very very small) can be noted in some larger stones.

Ruby Created rubies were first made by the French chemist Auguste Verneuil. Our labs created rubies are selected from AAA grade rough material. Created ruby has the exact same color as natural ruby which is the color of pigeon blood red.

Sapphire  The Flame Fussion method is used in the process of sapphire which is also used in the ruby process. But in the sapphire process, dark blue is added additionally. Also, TOPHILLS lab-created sapphires have no difference with the natural sapphires.

Light Fancy Yellow This yellowish 3c carbon effected diamonds are created with the same process as others.

Fancy Pink Pink diamond is the rarest and the highest valued natural diamond in the earth. This is also called as heart of diamond. But in order to get pink diamond to the earth, a huge destruction is required. Therefore in TOPHILLS, the method of 3C effect is used in order to prevent the destruction.


 Emerald Green Created emerald has the same qualities as a natural emerald. In order to get this fabulous ocean green color, the same method is applied.