about us

In 2011, we always believed in the reality of the unexplained and the common sense of the stones in every step we took on the basis of environmental awareness. According to Plato, 'Reality belongs to the world of ideas.' The body also belongs to the soul and its most important task is; turning abstract reality into visible reality. Until recently, both human and natural colonialism dominated the diamond deposits in regions such as Africa and India.

However, today, without the need for this destruction with NANO technology, there is the fact of Laboratory Diamond and Diamond Hybrid Technology produced by gemologists in the laboratory. We, as TOPHILLS, have designed high quality and result-oriented products that create awareness in the jewelery industry by shaping our values ​​with the respect we have for people and nature. And we did long-term R&D studies until we found the best. By blending the science of gemology with technology without touching the heart of nature, we formulated stones that maximize benefits for humans and nature. We have designed these carbon-containing formulas to meet all the needs of the jewelery wearer. In the formulas, we used the amount of carbon needed to obtain the diamond appearance and usage characteristics in a fair way.

'Our biggest goal in this adventure we embarked on with our human and nature friendly jewels; is to ensure that every woman can achieve the sparkle of her dreams. ' TOPHILLS jewels with all these features; brings you awareness-raising designs with good spirit, creative intelligence and the wisdom of human values.