Shipping and Returns

You are always under the guarantee of 100% Customer Satisfaction and 100% Product Return guarantee for your purchases from our TOPHILLS site.

For any reason, you can return any product you purchased from our site, unused and complete, within 10 days, free of shipping, to us.

For your change, size change or return requests, PH: 009 0530 0 383 000 ; You can contact us at 009 0212 284 62 27 or

Step 1: Make your return

How long can I return the product I purchased?

According to the regulation on distance contracts, members' "Right to Withdraw without Reason" is 10 days. You can return the product you have received within 7 days from the delivery date, in case of a return due to any defect caused by the product (defective product). After the returned product inspection process, if there is no defect due to the use of the product, the product price is returned to you within 3 days.

If the invoice of the product is corporate, you must send it together with the 'Return Invoice' issued as 'Product Unit Price+VAT' issued by the institution for the return process. It should also be known that we cannot complete the order returns, whose invoices are issued on behalf of the institutions, unless the 'Return Invoice' is issued.

Returns can only be accepted from people who purchased the product. Therefore, you should make sure that you are requesting a return for a product you purchased yourself.

Step 2: The original package of the product

Returns can be accepted if the product, original jewelery box or package you have purchased and wished to return, is as received, with a certificate, if its originality has not been damaged and if it has not lost its resaleability feature. Otherwise, the deformed box and product are not accepted for return in any way.

Step 3: Receiving your return shipment

You must deliver the product you want to return, in its original box, together with the product certificate.



You can also submit your return request to our Customer Service line or via e-mail to

Tophills; After receiving your return package, it checks the products and returns your money to the credit card you made the payment within 3 working days. If you request a color or size change, your product is sent to you by changing the color or size, again without paying any fee. The review period is a maximum of 3 working days. As a result of the examination; The result is reported to you with the inspection report prepared by our company.