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Diamond hybrid gold earrings

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Model: HBE05

Karat view:

0.30CT*2 diamond hybrid

0.50 ct *2 diamond hybrid

0.75 ct*2 diamond hybrid

1 CT*2 diamond hybrid

Stone shape/ Color: round/ D-VVS

Weight: 3-5 grams /14 carat gold

Since 2011, Tophılls has been designing human and nature -friendly jewels by blending the science of gemology with technology. Good soul, creative intelligence and human values
These ethical products, designed with their wisdom, are considered as sustainable new world jewels. These formulas, which contain fairly carbon, meet all the requirements required for the jewel user.
Tophılls Diamond Hybrid®: In short, gemologist is the most natural appearance of diamond infusion. CVD diamond seeds, which we call seeds during the formation, are used. The amorphous consisting of a tiny diamond crystal is placed on the intensive heat and pressure device with layers. As a result of this process, which is carried out with the help of electric current, SP3 diamond bonds are formed with fusion. Light breaks of diamond hybrids provide 100 %diamond glow. It also provides the ‘nearest durability degree’!

In order to get more detailed information, you can read our article on hybrid diamond technology in our Technology Department.

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Diamond Hybrid Technology